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In recent years there is a spectacular growth of pet animal population in our country with changing social structure. Changing lifestyle in the form of the rise in nuclear families and double income households have encouraged the growth of
pet ownership in urban areas of Orissa.

The health management of pet animals, due to several reasons has not received much attention. In urban areas the pet practice is an important challenge Veterinarians have to face. Pet practice is essentially different than large animal practice, especially when the cost of treatment is considered. The pet owners demand quality treatment irrespective of the cost. For this reason, Veterinarians are required to keep them abreast of the latest knowledge and skill. The owners are well aware of the advancement in medical diagnostic and therapeutic facilities and they expect medical breakthrough that have occurred for human to be available for their pets with the same diseases.

Pet practice has undergone a sea change and continues to develop commensurate with varied demands and expectation of the clients. The challenges have become arduous because secrets of creation of life and death are continuously being unfolded with advancement of biological science and its related applied part in the field of medicine. Therefore, today’s practitioner is burdened with much greater responsibility to satisfy the health management of pet animals.

Pet animal practice must remain relevant to changing needs of society. Practitioners aim should be to further, to improve the quality of services to meet the global challenges and also bring awareness among our clients of the challanges ahead.

The CVE programme is meant for updating the knowledge and skill of pet practitioners so that they can remain on the “Cutting Edge” of their profession and continue to provide a quality service to their clients.
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