Orissa Veterinary Council
Except where a Joint State Veterinary Council is established in accordance with an agreement made under section 33, the State Government shall establish a State Veterinary Council consisting of the following members, namely :-
  • Four members elected from among themselves by Veterinary practitioners registered in the State Veterinary register.
  • The heads of Veterinary Institutions, if any, in the State, ex-officio;
  • Three members nominated by the State Government;
  • The Director of Veterinary Services of the State (by whatever name called), ex-officio;
  • One member to be nominated by the State Veterinary Association, if any;
  • Registrar of the State Veterinary Council, ex-officio.
  • The names of persons nominated or elected as members shall be notified by the State Government in the Official Gazette.
  • A person shall not be qualified for nomination or election as a member of the State Veterinary Council unless he holds a recognized veterinary qualification.
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